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9 Reasons Why You Might Be Bloated on The RAW FOOD Diet

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What Am I Bloated on The RAW FOOD Diet?

#1 Bloating can be caused by bad food combining. For example: mixing sweet fruit with fatty foods, like bananas and nuts. We recommend keeping your meals as simple as possible (mono meals). Check out our video "Food Combining for OPTIMAL digestion" for more information.

#2 It could be from your past diet. If you're coming from a poor diet (The Standard American Diet) your colon is probably clogged up. The new foods that you are eating are just getting stacked on top of your old undigested food. If this is the case, the best thing you can do for yourself is to continue eating foods high in fiber, fruits and vegetables. Have patience and over time your body will heal this problem.

#3 Bloating sometimes comes from eating too fast. When you eat too quickly you may be "gulping" air along with your food. For optimal digestion it's best to take your time and make sure your food has been properly chewed .

#4 Watermelon! (this goes back to food combining) watermelon digests the quickest! So if you're eating watermelon after any food especially foods that are harder to digest, the watermelon with get stuck on top the other food and ferment causing bloating. Watermelon is BEST eaten alone and for breakfast!

#5 Salt! - Sodium retains 100 times its weigh in water! if your diet contains salt you are carrying around extra water weight. We suggest cutting salt out of your diet. Salt distorts your taste buds which will stop you from tasting the natural flavors in fruits and vegetables. Eventually you will learn that using salt is unnecessary.

#6 Hydration is optimal for digestion! We recommend drinking water before every meal, it flushes whatever was left over out and gives your body a fresh start for digesting each meal. Another thing is that if you're not hydrated your colon holds on to what's in there...clogging it up.

#7 Eating Late at Night. If your eating late at night, especially if it's a heavy meal, your body may not be having the time it needs to digest in-between your last meal and breakfast. We recommend getting to bed early and eating your last meal a few hours before bed.

#8 Inefficient colon. It may be that you have abused your colon in your past diet so much that it is now working less efficiently. It just needs time to heal. The best you can do to help this healing process is to eat high carb, low fat, low salt, "low" protein vegan meals with as much fruit and veggie intake as you can do.

#9 Listen to your body, everyone reacts differently to different foods. In the beginning we recommend keeping track of what you eat and how you feel, this way you can track which foods you thrive off and which foods will keep you from feeling your best.

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