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How to Recover a Permanently Deleted Files

Recover deleted files for free: Step 1. Download DiskDigger (download here). You don’t need to install it – just extract the contents of the .zip archive and run the .exe file. Remember that if you’ve already accidentally deleted some files, you shouldn’t download DiskDigger to the disk containing your lost files as it could overwrite your files and make it impossible to recover them. Ideally, download it before you actually need it.

(Note that there are many free data recovery utilities. You don't have to use DiskDigger, but we've seen good results from it.)

Recover deleted files for free: Step 2. Start DiskDigger. The opening screen shows all the disks so select the one containing your deleted files and click on ‘Next’ three times. The disk will now be scanned and any deleted files will be listed – this could take some time. If your missing files are listed, continue to the next step. If not you could try altering some of the options in the earlier screens.

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