a fast make-up how-to

A few days earlier, our customer service reps got this little note:
Dear Free Individuals,
I get your brochures in the mail … thanks. I have a question in relation to your November 2008 directory.
On pages 25 and 35, is it possible for you to inform me what lipstick color/brand they are?

We asked our make-up artist, Deanna, to help us out with this inquiry, and she told us specifically just how she made-up the design’s lips! I assumed I ‘d share her answer with you:
Prepare the lip with a little Eucerin ointment- simply enough to moisten the lip.
After that press Offset Ever Star powder (loosened) in rainbowlike fuschia into lip, focusing color much more on the facility of lips, after that construct to desired strength.
Many Offset Ever before products can be acquired at Sephora!
Thanks Deanna!

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