A to Z of Fabrics: Your Helpful Guide to What You’re Wearing

There are so many various kinds of fabric out there. As a matter of fact, Contrado prints on greater than 100 fabrics. We make every single fabric in a different way since each textile is various. Monitoring every one of these textiles can be confusing at best, particularly when one textile suits more than one category. That’s why we have actually produced our A-Z textile guide (well, A to W, technically) with summaries to assist you figure all of it out.

Your A-Z Overview


Aida is woven. A product which we utilize for tapestries. We utilize this kind of canvas, many commonly, as a base for needlework. It is typically a flexible, open-weave canvas.

5.31 oz 100% Cotton Aida 14 Matter Canvas

Power outage

This is a loosened term for a series of textiles that shut out light to differing degrees. Often utilized as home window therapies, they’re opaque and also most frequently have a rigid deal with.

8.26 oz 100% Poly Fire-rated Blackout Material


These cotton-type materials are strong and durable. Canvas tends to include an ordinary weave or a variation of an ordinary weave. Typically a heavyweight, strong fabric. Canvas is carefully woven.

8.8 & 14.75 oz 100% Poly Woven Canvas
14.16 oz 100% Poly Seafarer’s Woven Canvas
7.4 oz 100% Poly Portobello Canvas
9.1 oz Organic 100% Cotton Canvas


Chenille is a soft fabric. Frequently bulky and is constructed from chenille yarn. This yarn classically has tiny tufts of yarn around the main core, giving it a look comparable to a caterpillar.

9.7 oz 100% Poly Chenille


A sheer fabric woven in a simple weave, Chiffon is light-weight and surprisingly solid considering its fragile nature. Chiffon frays quickly, and is vulnerable to seam sliding, yet is incredibly soft.

1.18 oz 100% Poly Paris Chiffon


Cotton is a basic term. We utilize it for textiles woven with cotton fibers or yarns. Blends and also alternatives for cotton are becoming really commonplace. Cotton is made use of to make a selection of material types.

5.1 oz 100% Cotton Satin
6.28 oz 100% Cotton Twill


A fabric with a commonly ‘crinkled’ surface. This effect is acquired using both knitted and also woven fabrics. Crepe is normally resilient as well as vulnerable to fraying, particularly when woven.

4.42 oz 100% Poly Style Crepe
4.42 oz 100% Poly Butterfly Smooth Crepe
2.5 oz 100% Poly Crepe de Chine
5.6 oz 95% Poly 5% Elastane Crepe Jersey
1.77 oz Pure Silk Crepe de Chine


Jeans is a strong woven textile usually made with a warp-faced drill weave. Traditionally made from cotton, it has wonderful washability yet will frequently naturally fade gradually.

12oz 100% Cotton Bull Jeans
10oz 100% Cotton Denim


This is a generalized term for textiles that incorporate elastane fibers, which are almost rubber-like. Elastane has remarkable stretch and impressive healing.

6.2 oz 82% Poly 18% Elastane Slinky Matt Lycra
7.4 oz 90% Poly 10% Elastane Matte Lyrca
4.7 oz 85% Poly 15% Elastane Lycra Soft Luster


Really felt is neither woven nor weaved but is rather an internet of entangled fibers. Felting is just one of the earliest and most inexpensive techniques of making a material. It is made from any kind of fibre, nonetheless, wool is one of the most preferred.

5.3 oz 100% Poly 1mm Felt
14.75 oz 100% Poly 3mm Felt


Classically soft and warm with terrific insulating residential properties. We originally developed fleece fabric as an imitation of animal fleeces. Among the most popular type of fleece is Polar Fleece which is a luxurious, snoozed textile.

8.4 oz 100% Poly Polar Fleece


Georgette is a penalty, light-weight, woven material. It’s a crisp, rough crepe textile that has a tendency to have a plain surface structure. It doesn’t crease easily, in fact, poly Georgette barely creases in all yet it does fray quickly. Georgette has a springy take care of.

1.56 oz 100% Poly Georgette
1.47 oz 100% Silk Georgette


This is a generalised term for materials that we weave with a ‘herringbone’ appearance. Herringbone is a reversed busted twill. Herringbone gets its name from the reality that aesthetically the pattern looks like the backbone of a herring. We likewise in some cases call it plume or arrowhead twill.

7.93 oz 100% Poly Mayfair Herringbone


Replica textile is one which is copies something else. The most common of these materials is fake natural leather. Various other examples consist of silk, fur, suede, and several other materials, the bulk originated from pets or pet by-products.

20.65 oz 100% Poly Fire-rated Cozy Leatherette( 100% PVC Support).
17.7 oz 90% PVC 5% Poly 5% Cotton Fire-rated Furnishing Leatherette.
1.2 oz 100% Poly Silk Impression.


Jersey is an additional generic term applied to all sorts of weft-knitted textile, whether it has been weaved by hand or utilizing makers. The name originates from the Network Island where the textile originated. Jersey fabrics were originally used to makes sweatshirts or jumpers for anglers.

4.13 oz 100% Poly Slub Jersey.
7.52 oz 93% Quilted Jersey.
7.25 oz 97% Poly 3% Elastane Chain Jersey.
10.32 oz 100% Poly Softshell Jacket.
6.34 95% Poly 5% Elastane Solange Silky Jersey.
7.37 100% Poly Loopback Sweat Jacket.
7.7 oz 100% Poly Heavy Brushed Jacket.
7.67 97% Poly 3% Elastane Ponte Jacket.
7.37 96% Poly 4% Elastane Rox Sports Jacket.
5.9 oz 96% Poly 4% Elastane Soft Fashion Jacket.

Knitted Fabrics.

Knitted fabrics are those where the thread is created utilizing adjoining loops. These fabrics are separated into two generic groups: warp-knitted and weft-knitted materials. Warp-knitted fabrics often tend to be created on a device. Whereas weft-knitted textiles are made either by hand, with needles, or using a maker.

Knitted Fabric– A selection of both warp as well as weft weaved fabrics.


Lace is great and delicate. It is an openwork or mesh textile that is normally transparent or semi-transparent. We produce it by looping, twisting, or binding fine threads with each other usually giving a detailed or intricate pattern.

1.03 oz Poly Bloom Shoelace.


A light-weight fabric that is nontransparent and also woven in simple weave. Made with cotton or bed linen threads, it is both absorptive as well as hardwearing. Securely woven in its building, Lawn has terrific drape and washability yet is vulnerable to creasing.

2.2 oz 100% Cotton Pima Grass.


The all-natural skin or conceal of a pet. We often consider cows when we consider natural leather, yet it’s typically made from a range of other animals as well. To make leather, we eliminate the hair and also tan the skin (a procedure that maintains and also softens). Characteristically difficult and hardwearing, natural leather can be embossed, dyed or covered.

100% Bovine 0.7-0.9 mm Smooth Nappa Natural leather.
100% Bovine 0.7-0.9 mm Distinctive Nappa Leather.
100% Bovine 0.76-1.5 mm Bubble Nappa Leather.
100% Bovine 2.4-2.6 mm Dual Butt Leather.
100% Bovine 1.3-1.5 mm Great French Calf Leather.

Bed linen.

A blanket term for fabrics that have actually been used flax threads or fibers. Linen fabric is a term that is additionally made from flax combined with various other fibers, offering either a bed linen mix or bed linen look textile.

8.85 oz 96% Poly 4% Bed Linen Sara Linen Blend.
6.72 oz 95% Cotton 5% Linen Cotton-Linen.


A really generalized term, mesh describes a vast array of textiles. These are woven, weaved or perhaps lace. They are created to have an open mesh structure which is apparent in openings or spaces that are between the yarns which allows air to go through the material.

4.28 oz 100% Poly Airflow Sports Light.
5.3 oz 100% Poly Olympic Sports Jersey.
5.46 oz 95% Poly 5% Elastane Loose Knit Jacket.


A general term we make use of for fabric that is made from microfibers. These are little, man-made fibers that have an extremely low density. Because of these fibers being so great, the material which is created is characteristically remarkably strong whilst being exceptionally lightweight.

10.32 oz 100% Poly Microfibre Terry Towelling.


A lightweight textile that is soft as well as great. Constructed in an open-sett ordinary weave, muslin is typically woven as grey cloth, and then later on bleached or dyed. Muslin material seldom weighs greater than 2 ounces, and also was initially made from cotton.

1.62 oz 100% Poly Mulmul Soft Muslin.


A synthetic rubber-like material. We understand this well for its protective high qualities in addition to shielding homes. Neoprene tends to have excellent flexibility, is water-proof, resilient, and immune to several chemicals and oil.

29.5 oz 100% Poly Neoprene ( 100% Nylon Support).

Non-Woven Material.

We form non-woven textile from the fiber, instead of weaving or weaving. As discussed above, really felt is a non-woven material as are imitation suede fabrics and wadding. There are numerous manner ins which you can develop a non-woven fabric, including needling, liquid jet complication, glue bonding, thermal bonding, chemical bonding, thermal bonding, and stitch bonding.

3.54 oz 100% Poly Scroll Paper Fabric.
7.37 oz 100% Poly Fire-rated Suede Vision.


Typically a plain-woven cotton fabric. We layer oilcloth on one side with a drying out oil which makes it waterproof. Oilcloth was just one of the initial waterproof materials. We utilized it widely before modern-day laminated options ended up being much more prevalent.

8.09 oz 100% Cotton Oilcloth Matte.


A fine material which we weave in an open-sett ordinary weave with high-twist yarns. We make Organza either from silk or synthetic fibers and it’s classically rigid and sheer with a pearl-like shine.

1.18 oz 100% Silk or Poly Olivia Organza.


We weave Panama fabrics in a hopsack weave framework. These textiles have a tendency to have different weights as well as top qualities as well as can be anything from canvas to shirting material. We usually use Panama canvas as a needlework fabric base.

4.4 oz 100% Poly Panama Flo.
8.85 100% Organic Cotton Half-Panama.

Peach Skin.

We weave the majority of peach skin fabrics finely and provide a special therapy which creates a classically soft deal with. Made from a variety of synthetic or all-natural fibers. We usually make use of either a plain-weave or twill-weave. We then utilize emery covered rollers 8to produce a suede-like or peach-skin coating.

3.83 oz 100% Poly Peached Poly Bed Linen.
5.07 oz 100% Poly Nautica Peached Splashproof.


Poplin is a very carefully woven fabric. It has very fine warp-faced ribs which run in the direction of the weft, brought on by the use of around twice as lots of warp-ends as weft-picks. Unbelievably hardwearing, this material is susceptible to creasing as well as is also vulnerable to seam puckering as it has a dense building.

5.9 oz 80% Cotton 20% Poly Lima Poplin.
3.98 oz 100% Organic Cotton Janice Poplin.

Power Web.

A traditional control fabric, Powernet includes adequate elastane to make it perfect for body-support clothes due to the high stretch and also recovery. A warp-knitted, stretch web textile. We normally use Powernet in much heavier weights for foundation wear as well as control garments, or in more light-weight sheer variations for underwear.

1.77 oz 90% Poly 10% Elastane Florence Power Web.

Quilted Textile.

This is a multi-part material. Made up of an external layer or face material with a layer of wadding as well as in some cases a support fabric too. We most generally hold these 2 or three-layer textiles with sewing. You can additionally fuse it with each other making use of either warm or chemicals.

7.52 oz 95% Poly 5% Elastane Quilted Jacket.


Ripstop fabric is a textile that incorporates reinforcement thread. We call this a ripstop yarn and it is actually there to quit tearing. We weave these threads into the product at regular periods to enhance the resistance of the fabric to quit tearing.

1.97 oz 100% Poly Ripstop.


Satin textiles are ones that we weave utilizing a satin weave. This weave is one of the 4 fundamental woven material structures. An entirely warp-faced weave framework. The face and opposite of a satin weave textile are completely contrary to each other.

2.51 oz 100% Pure Silk Satin.
3.54 oz 100% Poly Lucent Satin.
4.72 oz 100% Poly Monroe Satin.
5.9 oz 100% Poly Lady Satin.
3.24 oz 100% Poly Velvet High Temperature Poly Satin.
2.51 oz 100% Poly Lustrous Seduction Poly Satin.


Diving is the style option of Neoprene. A dual weaved material, scuba is generally synthetic. We make it from a blend of poly and also elastane fibers.

8.11 oz 95% Poly 5% Elastane Diving.
8.55 oz 94% Poly 6% Elastane Scuba Crepe.


We utilize this as a generalised term for fabrics that are made using silk yarns. Known for their fragile nature and high-luster destination, silk fibers are the only natural fibers that are continuous filament fibers. Silk is an animal fiber, spun by silkworm larvae for use in the building and construction of their cocoons.

1.59 oz 100% Silk Real Silk Twill.
3.33 oz 100% Silk Woollen.
2.51 oz 100% Silk Actual Silk Satin.


A crisp and also shiny textile that is woven with warp-faced ribs running in the weft direction. Taffeta has a paper-like high quality to it and also drapes well generally, nevertheless, it is vulnerable to wrinkling and also fraying.

2.65 oz 100% Poly Taffeta.


Twill textiles are those woven in a twill weave building. This weave typically produces diagonal lines on the face of the textile. Using twill weave we can make a heavier textile than we would certainly with an ordinary weave. This makes a more hardwearing fabric and we commonly utilize it for textiles such as drill as well as denim.

5.9 oz 100% Poly Twill.
7.1 oz 84% Cotton 16% Poly Lima Cotton Twill.
8.55 oz 100% Poly Archway Brushed Twill.
8.1 oz 100% Poly Trafalgar Twill.
6.28 oz 100% Cotton Twill.


UV materials protect against ultraviolet rays. We achieve this security in a variety of ways. We make use of UV taking in dyes, UV absorbers, or special coatings. Woollen absorbs almost all UV rays, as well as cotton takes in around 90%.

7.4 oz 92% Poly 8% Elastane Heavy Matte Lycra.


A generalised term used for stack fabric. We likewise make use of the term velour for a napped woven material. This was the initial velour fabric. The name comes from the Latin word ‘villous’ which suggests unshaven.

7.23 oz 98% Poly 2% Elastane Crushed Velour.
8.26 100% Poly Fire-rated Chichi Furniture Velour.


Velvet is a woven material with a short, reduced warp heap. We make the heap yarns from an extra set of warp threads. We strongly bind these to the framework of the base fabric, or else referred to as a ground material. This develops a hefty and abundThe end of it.

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