The Changing Hoodie– More Than Meets the Eye

As you could have seen now, I take pleasure in the several means people have actually designed to re-purpose their old tees and also garments. In previous blog posts I’ve shared just how you can transform an old t-shirt right into a multiple-use grocery store bag and also even a stuffed pillow chair. Both of those projects needed using extra materials, and when it comes to the cushion chair, some substantial embroidery skills. So, what if you could temporarily re-purpose a shirt on-the-fly without additional products?

Well, the geniuses at Conceptual Tools have actually found out exactly how to do simply that with the always-versatile hooded sweatshirt. The picture over offers step-by-step guidelines in how to turn your favorite hoodie right into a temporary laptop computer bag! But that’s not all. Check out their website for even more amazing means to transform your hoodie, consisting of an impromptu pillow and also a baby provider!

For those of you that are much more visual learners, watch this video clip from Lifehacker for a full-motion presentation of the hoodie laptop computer bag in action.

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