Can we skip the makeup?

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Mascara, lipstick, fondation, blush… are commonly part of our daily morning routine.

Just like clothes, makeup transforms our natural body into a social body.

And just like clothes makeup is something you can have fun with.

Mat red lips worn as the sign of our assurance, a smokey  eye for sultry glimpses, or mom of pearl polish that transforms our nails into delicate shells.

Yes, I love makeup that can upgrade our look just like any type of other accessory.

But if cosmetics can be jewels they can likewise be corsets.

Like shapewear, they style our faces in order to hide our “flaws” (dark circles, dilated pores, pale lashes, plump cheeks, broad nose, etc) from the sight of others.

It seems that the market can not stop lauching new products as well as techniques meant to transform us into “perfect dolls”: pore minimizers, face enlighters, as well as the now well-known “contouring”.

This technique,  popularized by Kim Kardashian, consists in reshaping our faces with lights as well as shadows in order to conform it to our charm standards: high cheekbones, pointy nose, pulpy lips as well as arrogant brows. It is like genuine life photoshopping!

On Youtube, there are hundreds of videos featuring young women actually transforming themselves into somebody else in front of their camera.

When I see them, I cannot assist however question if, with the ones that share their bed or with their good friend at the beach, those girls are able to eliminate this mask which they introduced themselves with.

I believe that, just like clothes, makeup ought to stay something you delight in as well as not be a constraint.

Almost all of us utilize makeup.

I do. rather a great deal actually. as well as love it. in some cases I don’t.

But is it socially acceptable to not wear any?

If you watch this funny Amy Schumer, clip… it seems that the mediatic world is not prepared for it.

Medias are filled with “overprocessed faces” (you know, like overprocessed food? indeed I just invented this one).

Especially in the US where I believe TV anchors look like barbie (and ken) dolls: as well much foundation, as well much blush, as well much gloss, as well much brushing, not sufficient natural!

See for yourself:

Melissa Theuriau as well as Ainsley Earhardt (ok Melissa is the most lovely TV anchor ever however still.)

Therefore, no question women, particularly north american, who are confronted daily with such images on TV, feel that they have to wear the exact same amount of makeup.

And if they don’t, they feel poor about themselves… which is not typical right? You ought to not be ashamed of showing the world you genuine face? Men are not are they? That is what this youtuber explains in this excellent video.

So, where am I going with that? since I am still a personal stylist right?

I am not telling you that makeup is rubbish. I love makeup, it can improve your natural charm or make a fashion statement.

No, I am just saying that makeup face is only one method of being beautiful.

That you ought to be comfortable with you “unprocessed face” as well.

As long as you look clean, there is no reason why somebody ought to judge you for this.

You ought to be able to go out without foundation if you feel like it, to wear flashy red lipstick the exact same night as well as cateyes the day after.

In France, I believe the pressure is not as strong as in other countries. You see a great deal of women without makeup in the streets or even in the fashion industry.

Isabel Marant goes bare face for instance.

And she is considered a style icon!

Wear makeup since you delight in it as well as not since you want to hide yourself.

And you? exactly how do you wear makeup?

PS: pssst, go checked out some makeup totally free charm routines on Garance Doré’s blog here, right here as well as right here too.

Cover collage: picture by Garance Doré et la mannequin Heather Kemesky

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