exactly how to wear tights?

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First thing first. Tights are warm. They hug the skin as well as let no breeze go in between the material as well as the legs.

That’s my opinion: you may dispute in comments. (Well as well as I am talking considerable sufficient tights)

I/ select your tights

Find comfy tights

And roll complimentary too.

Easy task. just select one with a big waistband elastic.

Much a lot more comfortable aaaaand creates a flat belly effect.

Large waistband tights from Swedish stockings

How lots of deniers?

Deniers is an old measurement of exactly how lots of grams of material were per 9000m. Why this number? I do not know.

Therefore, the lesser the deniers, the thinner the fabric.

The thinner the fabric, the a lot more transparent, less warm, as well as resistant it is.

Tights that are less than 20 deniers are incredibly fragile. The kind you wear with a fancy evening gown to magnify your legs. Not truly suitable for several wears as well as daily use.

Up to 40 deniers, the tights are quite transparent as well as produce a great light leg effect.

From 50 deniers on the tights are considered opaque. With 50 deniers having a minor sheer impact that absolutely disappears at 60.

Do stylish sustainable tights exist?

Well, tights are made from synthetic fabrics… which are made from oil. however there are already lots of fabrics that have been produced so a number of brands like Swedish stockings or Rev society have launched collections of tights made from recycled polyamide).

And if you do not have gain access to to them or discover those as well expensive, the best is always to take fantastic care of those you buy.

II/ Tights styles

A/ Transparent black tights

The little black gown of tights!

They go with any type of shade of dark-colored clothing.

If you are wearing an outfit that does not consist of black however autumn shades, try to substitute their dark brown version for softer transitions.

Surprisingly they work well with pastels that ended up being sharper next to them.

B/ Black plumetis tights

Very “eighties Madonna” they uplift basic outfits with dots of fun.

Très “Madonna dans les eighties” ils apportent une touche de fun dans des tenues unies.

You can do plumetis with any type of print: stars, hearts, Chanel CCs (but in that situation they expense 360 euros so you much better not break them).

Katie Holmes in a basic outfit that would ended up being boring without her plumetis tights

C/ Opaque black tights

The best ally for those who are shy to wear short lengths (or get cold).

When worn with midi lengths, beware they may make the whole outfit look sturdy.

Those tights may be made of synthetics or… wool, however truly this last choice is tricky.

Always impeccable Jane from Sea of shoes wearing what seems to be wool tights with a mini length skirt

D/ Colored tights

So lots of options!

If the colors are subdued as well as not truly opaque, that’s easier to blend in the outfit.

You can either contrast the tight with the rest of your outfit (like a bold tight with a neutral outfit).

Or blend them into the look.

Tights that match the flowers on Jane Aldridge

Or monochrome as “safe” (erm) option

E/ fun prints

With printed tights, the easiest is to go for a basic as well as smooth looking outfit.

F/ Fishnets 

Fishnets come as well as go however what’s for sure is that the smaller the net, the a lot more elegant the result.

Rhinestone strass even!

III/ exactly how to wear tights without tearing them?

Be quiet.

Do not jump in them when you exit the bathroom.

Do like your mama told you (at least my maman did). carefully unroll it from the idea of your toes to your hips.

And do not stop halfway “the hell with this”.

Then beware of not having any type of damaged nails or toenails as well long.

I understand “full lady mode” is annoying, isn’t it.

Voilà! That was my tutorial.

And you? exactly how do you wear your tights? 

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